ASMC's Professional Development Institute (PDI) 2021
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We are excited to announce that ASMC is offering CDFM Module's 1-3 the week before PDI, and registration is now open.

Take a deep dive into the core areas of Defense Financial Management with ASMC’s Certified Defense Financial Management (CDFM) Refresher courses!

Each CDFM Refresher course provides intensive instruction focused on the material covered in one of the three modules of the Enhanced Defense Financial Management Training Course (EDFMTC). Although there are no prerequisites, the course is intended for those who have completed a significant amount of exam preparation and wish to “top off” or refresh their knowledge prior to taking a CDFM exam. The CDFM Refresher Courses are currently being held in a Virtual setting.

The CDFM Refresher Courses are currently being held in a Virtual setting. These are LIVE, Instructor-Led Training hosted via the Zoom platform (not on the PDI platform). Choose the module for which you need a refresher or register for all three modules prior to taking your CDFM exams. Note that registration is limited to the first 40 attendees for each Module.

Dates: May 24-26

May 24:CDFM Module 1-(1 Day)-Resource MGMT Environment: 0800 ET
May 25: CDFM Module 2-(1 Day)-Budget & Cost Analysis: 0800 ET
May 26: CDFM Module 3-(1 Day)-Accounting & Finance: 0800 ET

Each Module is $250.00 each (does not include a text book or exam)

For more information or to register please click below.


Celebrating 20 Years Strong!
The Certified Defense Financial Manager certification program turned 20 this year! Help us congratulate and celebrate those who have earned a CDFM or CDFM-A. They have demonstrated a commitment to excellence in defense financial management and joined an elite group of highly qualified professionals.

The CDFM is the Sign of Distinction in Defense Financial Management!

CDFM Program Background
The CDFM is a professional, assessment-based certification originally developed by ASMC in partnership with the Department of Defense and the Chauncey Group, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Educational Testing Service. The CDFM exams went live in the year 2000. The CDFM Program is governed by the ASMC Certification Commission, and the ASMC Certification Department runs the day-to-day operations.*

OUSD-C Now Accepts the CDFM as an Alternative to DFMCP Certification

In January 2021, the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense released a Policy Memorandum announcing the CDFM™ as one of five professional certifications that can serve as an “Alternative Professional Certification” to any of the three DFMCP certification levels. This exception to policy means you can now “present and maintain” the CDFM to meet any of the three DFMCP certification levels—earning the CDFM gives you a transferable, test-based credential that can be used anywhere in Federal service or the private sector!